Our PastaBar

Pastabar Pastamato is the brand-new concept of the typical Italian restaurant: an innovative fast-casual dining experience that doesn’t compromise on the taste of tradition. It’s a comfortable yet functional space, welcoming yet easygoing, where you can rediscover the recipes of the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine.



From Santa Maria a Vico, where it all began in 1898,

Pastamato Pastabar is all over the world!

Joining our international network has never been easier.

The PASTAMATO®️ project doesn’t want to have boundaries, and we understand that every corner of the world is different: currency, legislation, and labor costs are significant variables for each project.

We have a global mindset and entrepreneurial ambition: tell us the country and city where you plan to open your PASTAMATO®️ corner, and together, we will tailor a business plan to suit your venture.

We aim to provide you with a personalized, high-level consulting service, crafted in collaboration with professionals and academics. We want to give you the best because we want to grow together.

Next opening: London, Dubai!

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