Bespoke Italian Pasta!

Bespoke Italian Pasta!

Pastamato®, a story of taste, entirely Italian!

PASTAMATO® was born in 1898 in Caserta, Southern Italy, and its roots delve into the Italian entrepreneurial history, marked by love and sacrifices, that characterized an entire century of development and prosperity for the Bel Paese.

PASTAMATO® is much more than just pasta; it embodies the love of those who bring it to the tables of millions of Italians.

Today, PASTAMATO® aims to reclaim the role it knows best – that of accompanying the passions and emotions of people with the familiarity of pasta.



To achieve this ambitious goal, PASTAMATO® aims to establish a solid national and international franchise network based on the fast-food model, encompassing the distribution and sale of packaged pasta and other excellent Italian food products.

This ambitious challenge doesn’t intimidate those who have learned, starting from a small provincial reality, to create a point of reference for millions of Italians and for many lovers of good pasta and delicious food.

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